Dedicated Team

Team of Vinayak Institute Vinayak Institute is establishing its name in the city. The dedicating team of the institute is making it more popular. Mr. Naresh kumar Gupta along with his son Mr. Rajesh Gupta laid the foundation of the institute in April 2010. The members of the Vinayak institute are very skilled and knowledgeable. They always give their 100% to the students. They guide the students at every step and teach them in a best way. The students are satisfied with the immense educational environment of the institute.

The institute provides eminent infrastructure for the students so that they don’t face in problem in studying. Proper computer facility of is provided in the computer class. Miss Raj sheikha is the computer teacher she is very intelligent and always gives her best initiatives to teach the students. Mrs sunita handles the office work and manage the work in a very systematic way. The team of the Vinayak is very hard working. The seo teacher guides the students all the tasks of seo. She is an intelligent teacher with great caliber. The spoken teacher of the institute is also very good teacher and teaches the students in a best way. The team always works together which is the main strength of the institute and this is the main reason of the development of the institute.

Mr Rajesh handles all the staff and always guides the staff. He also motivates the staff and always coordinates with the staff members. The members of the staff always work in a team and always help each other. Mr. Naresh kumar always gives proper knowledge to the staff as well as the students and guide them new things. The team of the Vinayak is giving their full efforts for the development of the institute with full enthusiasm.