C Programming In Pathankot

C Programming in Pathankot

C language provides structured programming and it is also a business oriented language. It is a high-level language which provides the machine independent feature which makes it more reliable for the users. C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1973 at Bell Laboratories. C language is developed with UNIX operating system. This is the base language of C++ and java. The evolution of this language is derived from three languages ALGOL, BCPL and B Language. It uses the maximum features of these languages. C language provides the simple and powerful mechanism for doing versatile operations. In 1983 the ANSI (American National Standard Institute) made a committee and provides a standard definition of it which, further known as ANSI standard C. C89 is an approved version of C by ISO (International Standard Organization).

C language has great facility of built in standard library functions which enables the user to do even complex programming in a simpler way. The programs written in C are very efficient and have good speed of execution.  C has rich collection of data types and has more operators as compared to other languages. It has 40 keywords in total and out of which 32 are standard keywords and 8 optional keywords which are used in low level programming language.

C language provides high portability in programming which means the programs which are written in c can also be run on any other system with few or no changes.  C uses the looping and control structures which makes it more powerful. C is very simple language and it is also very easy to learn. C becomes more extendible when it allows its users to write or use the other functions which are written in other program. C language is widely used in various UNIX applications and it is also used in most of the computer games.

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