Basic Computer Course in Pathankot

Vinayak institute of professional studies is providing the basic computer course in pathankot. They offer basic courses for three months, 45 days and 1 year computer course. We make the students more aware and expert in the field of computer. The students are taught all the computer basics like MS- Office, typing (Hindi, English and Punjabi) in three months and 45 days course. In 1 year course we teach Html, MS-Office, typing (Hindi, English and Punjabi), introduction of Java and communication skills etc.
We know the demand of the IT- companies and the importance of computer in them so we are preparing the students according to that so that they will get a good job in the companies. We concentrate more on practicals rather than the theory classes. We have highly skilled and intelligent computer teacher who teaches the students with new and effective techniques. Regular test within the weeks are also conducted in the class in order to check the performance of the class.

More emphasis is paid towards the week students. We always guide the students in a better way. The students are also given the certificate according to their performance. We know that today computer is used everywhere at every department whether it’s a bank, hospital, airport and school etc. So, if you want job which is related to computer then you should have the proper knowledge of computer.

Vinayak institute is offering these courses in minimum charges. This is the best course for the students who want to make their carrier in the field of computer. If you are also finding an affordable institute in Pathankot then you must visit Vinayak institute. In typing classes the students are made expert in Hindi, English and Punjabi typing. The students are taught in a very easy and effective way.

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