How to increase your English language skills with VIP Studies

Are you worried you are pronouncing some words differently than native English speakers? Is your English Pronunciation difficult to understand? Ways to Improve

1. Learn Your Vowel Sounds
2. Break down Words
3. Listen to an English Speaker
4. Pay Attention to How Others Move Their Lips And Tongue
5. Record Yourself
6. Get a Spoken English Tutor

If you really improve you English pronunciation apply method that I tell you. For more improvement you can take classes at VIP Studies Pathankot.

Features of our Institute

100% Conversational
Remember sitting in English classes where you NEVER got a chance to speak in English? Well, that does not work. Our classes are 100% Conversational. Have you been studying English for years but still can’t speak fluently? That’s because you did not practice English speaking. Our approach is 100% Conversational. You will practice with a Teacher.

No Boring Theory
If you already know basic grammar rules of English and 500 + words in English, what you need is not any more theory lessons. We will help you become a fluent English speaker naturally .

Corrections and Guide

We will provide corrections and guide to you. If you are doing mistakes in Grammar, we will show you what the correct usage is. We will help you expand your Vocabulary. We will work on your Pronunciation and Accent. All this via Conversation, not theory! That helps to improve your English fast.

“VIP Studies” is one of the best Spoken English institute in Pathankot. We provide spoken English course in Pathankot. Our experienced and highly educated faculty helps you to improve your that you can speak English with confidence and fluent. We develop your skills in English that helps you in every field where you feel inferior in English. If you have good command over the language then you can get a good job in a company because we know that today in most of the companies English is their first demand because they want that their employees have good communication skills so that they can handle all the presentations and meetings. We focus more on your speaking skills. After joining our institute your hesitation will be totally removed and you will feel confident. In our spoken English courses we also provide some extra activities for example: GD, Presentations, on the spot topics, speech and debates that build your confidence.

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