Job Oriented Courses in Pathankot

Nowadays, with the high competition prevailing in the job market, most of the youngsters are very well aware of the fact that just a degree alone cannot help them gain a competitive edge. For good job Students must need great knowledge and great communication skills. For increasing students knowledge and communication skills we offer additional courses like job oriented courses.

Job Oriented Course after Graduation in Pathankot

Pursuing graduation is not enough in this competitive era you need to become a perfect or professional in your field. Graduates are increasing but the jobs based on the graduates are really very difficult to take. Only those succeed in getting their dream job who have high practical knowledge and who know the things practically. But the problem is we don’t get practical knowledge during the schools or college. For attaining the practical knowledge you have to attend the professional courses.

Vinayak institute of professional studies offers different type of Job Oriented Course after Graduation in Pathankot through which the students can develop their knowledge and professional knowledge. Professional courses not only boost the person technically but also build their confidence level because when you have knowledge then you automatically become confident.

Diploma based courses

A very tough competition is prevailing all over the world so in order to compete with this you should become expert of a particular field. There are many diploma based courses which you can prefer and you can make your level strong. You can also do diploma course after 10th and graduation. These courses improves you skills and able you to do any job.

Accounting related course

After graduation you can also choose any accounting related course like Tally, GST, Marg and other accounting related course from Vinayak institute of professional studies. We train you for all theses accounting courses and make you expert of the accounting. You can take the coaching of any of the accounting course related to your requirement.

Job Oriented Course after 10 in Pathankot

Most of the students don’t know that after completion of the 10th which job oriented course they can prefer? They have many questions like this that is there any course which they can prefer after 10th. Well! There are many professional courses which the students can opt after 10th. Vinayak institute of professional studies provides different Job Oriented Course after 10 in Pathankot through which students can enhance their earning and they can earn for themselves and a new ray of job opportunities will sine in their life.

Job Scenario

In Past time people are not highly qualified, competition is also very low. And there are not any exams for getting job. Only interview base you get better job. So people get job very easily. But if we discuss about recent job Scenario, if we need good job we must have good knowledge about your subject.

In these days job oriented course is must for good job. In Pathankot area most of people are finding job but they don’t have great knowledge about current job scenario. Following are some job oriented course that is very important according to current job scenario. We offer following Job Oriented Courses in Pathankot.

Computer Courses

1. Computer Basic
2. Office Automation
3. Tally ERP 9 (With Manual Account/ Without Manual Account)
5. CSS
6. Java Script

Computer Programming Languages Course

1. C Language
2. C++ Language
3. Core Java
4. C#

Professional Computer Course

1. Photoshop
2. CorelDraw
3. Web Designing
4. Office Automation
5. Internet Marketing
6. Desktop Publisher (DTP)

Diploma Courses

1. Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)
2. Advance Diploma in Computer Application (ADCA)
3. Computer Teacher Training (CTT)
4. Diploma in Office Automation (DOC)

Six Week/ Six Month Industrial Training

1. PHP
2. Web Designing
3. Asp .Net(C#/VB)
4. Web Development
5. Digital Marketing
6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
7. Social Media Optimization (SMO)
8. Online Reputation Management (ORM)
9. Java


1. Spoken English
2. Personality Development
3. Communication Classes
4. Corporate Training
5. Teacher Training
6. Makeover Classes
7. Employment Enhancement
8. BPO

You can read our next blog for further detail of our job oriented courses.

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