Stenography Training In Pathankot

Shorthand is an symbolic writing method that increases speed with symbols. This  language and method of writing is called stenography, This technique basically used to work fast.Stenography Training In Pathankot

Stenography Training In Pathankot

In India there is lots of demand on Stenography (Shorthand) in Public & private sector. But few people know this language. Thousands of jobs in public sector are vacant in steno profile. In Punjab last 3-4 month approx 100+ jobs were coming.

Vinayak Institute of Professional Studies (VIP Studies) is the first institute that start the Stenography (Shorthand)  course in pathankot. Our aim to more student know about the  Shorthand & they make their future.

For more information any can visit

Vinayak Institute of Pofessional Studies Near Chikitsa Hospital Dalhousie Road Pathankot

Mob. 9780221348, 9855941348



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