The Full Form OF HTML Iis Hypertext Markup Language which  is the set of markup symbols or codes inserted in a file intended for display on a World Wide Web browser .it  tells us that  the Web browser how it can  display a Web page’s words and images for the user. Usually markup code is referred to as an element .
1.HTML is commonly used as the format of the online documents  which is known  web pages.
2.When we are creating  a set of complete HTML documents then we are  having  similar look, feel and linking to one another, this is referred to as a website.

3.When we are creating complete web pages, we might also use HTML code fragments to create specific elements within an existing page.

•    Web Workers:  Web applications use heavy scripts to perform functions. This  use separate background threads for processing and it does not effect the performance of a web page.
•    Video: we  can embed video without third-party proprietary plug-ins or codec. It  becomes as easy as embedding an image.
•    Canvas: This feature allows a web developer to render graphics on the fly. As with video, there is no need for a plug in.
•    Application caches: Web pages will start storing more and more information locally on the visitor’s computer. It works like cookies, but where cookies are small, the new feature allows for much larger files. Google Gears is an excellent example of this in action.
HTML 5 is a latest freshest adaptation of HTML which includes many advantages like it is possible to embed video and audio, high quality drawing. Using HTML5 different
technologies can elaborate on the features. it is highly advanced for using media files directly such as audio,video,graphics, etc. Moreover it enables direct adding
of css files.
1. Mutuality.
2. Cleaner markup / Improved Code.
4. More descriptive and Improved Semantics,
4. Richer Media elements,
5. Elegant forms, Consistency,Support Geolocation
The disadvantage of HTML 5 is that it is not being used widely and therefore would not be accessible by all system.
Some of the demerits are stated below –
1. The main problem with HTML5’s acceptance is that only modern browsers support it.
2. Another problem is that although parts of the language are very stable, the language itself is considered a work in progress, so technically, any of the elements
could change at any time.
4.  Another ugly fact about HTML5 is Media Licensing Issues.
5. It can not produce dynamic output. Security features are offered by HTML 5 is limited. The language is spec.
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