Six Week Industrial Training in Pathankot

Industrial training always boost in your professional life. If you are a fresh IT graduate and feel that in addition to your degree or diploma you need more intensive training on new IT technologies to get a good job, Vipstudies Pathankot is the place for you. Perhaps you feel the need to brush up on concepts you may have already learn, or maybe you want to improve your skills with practical work and work on real industrial projects. Whatever the reason, Vipstudies Pathankot 6 Month/6 Week Industrial Training in Pathankot will be perfect for you.

We always follows our tag tagline we with the best. In Vinayak institute of professional studies(Vip Studies) Our 6 Month/6 Week Industrial Training are intended for fresh IT graduates who want to get conversant with the latest technologies and development methodologies. As a Vips student you get to work with and have your doubts cleared by experienced developers. This gives you a taste of the real world work environment thereby enabling you to communicate better and raise your confidence levels. Classes are taken by instructors cum developers with professional certifications and almost 70% of work is practical – with daily Lab hours and work on modules of live projects.

Courses: We teach the only in demand technologies for example WordPress, SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing, PHP, java. We also offer Bidding and Content Writer training. We also have computer related courses.

Highlights of 6 Month/ 6 Week Industrial Training
• Training imparted in .Net, PHP, Java, Bidding, SEO and Content Writer.
• Professionally certified instructors cum developers teach courses.
• Training involves work on modules of Live Projects.
• Attention of polishing the soft skills.
• 6 Month/6 Week Training Certificate and 6 Month Live Project Work Certification.
• Opportunity for placement at Vinayak institiute of professional studies (Vips studies) Pathankot.

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